Beyond 10%

1. The Roadmap to 10%

Every situation is different.

Fortunately, our IP, deep sector experience and interdisciplinary capabilities allow us to quickly locate where the opportunities for improvement may lie in your organisation.

We pull no punches but rest assured there’s nothing we haven’t seen before – the good, bad and ugly – from top to bottom.
Together, we can develop a 12-month roadmap to 10% and beyond.

2. The Transformation Program

This is where the rubber hits the road.

Time is a scarce commodity so we start by freeing up space and capacity to do what needs to be done. 

We understand that you can’t afford to lose momentum as you still have to meet production targets.

It’s easy to revert to past practice, which is why we stay by your side as you implement change.

3. Embedding The Change

Sustainable progress is as important to us as it is to you. A situation where hard-won gains diminish over time as people return to old habits when we are out of the picture is unacceptable to us.

Therefore, we ensure that the new operational disciplines are embedded and part of your DNA by giving you the tools and ongoing support you need.

The Canary Review

Not sure where you stand or where to start?

Our review is designed to quickly and efficiently identify how your organisation operates

The Initial Productivity Review is not a full deep-dive analysis. It’s a first-pass look at the operation’s systems, business processes, leadership effectiveness and team culture.

It may be a first pass, but because we are leveraging a set of best practice indicators, questions and insights we have developed over many years, it’s surprisingly efficient at providing answers to questions like:

What’s more, the report will be able to outline how the people-process-technology triangle is working towards your objectives and where it is undermining them.