Our 5-Step Playbook

If you want to stand out as a mining leader, you can’t just maintain the status quo, you have to leave things in a better state than you inherited them. That’s why inheriting chaos can be an opportunity if approached correctly.
We analysed decades of operations and discovered the key elements shared by the people and projects that outperformed.
Our 5-step playbook is a systematic and proven approach to unlock the hidden potential in your site, team and career. This will give you the knowledge, skills and experience to go further, faster.

Additional playbook wins include

Start getting the benefits of decades of holistic mining operational experience today

Step 1 - Seek first to understand

We recently launched First Principles Academy as a 100% free tool for mining leaders to advance their skills and depth of understanding.

  • Masterclass (coming soon)
  • Insights (coming soon)
  • Free guides and self assessments

Site Performance Assessment

Quickly find out how you, your site and your team compare and how you can start making improvements today.
  • Free
  • Anonymous
  • 25 multiple choice questions
  • Complete in < 10 minutes


Limited time offer, limited places


  • Your unknown unknowns keeping you stuck
  • How to maximise your strengths
  • How to minimise your weaknesses
  • Your hidden why and ideal role

Operational Excellence Group

In the demanding landscape of mining, minerals, and metals, Operational Excellence (OE) is not a destination, but rather an aspirational pursuit – a continuous climb towards ever-increasing efficiency, safety, and sustainability. It’s a philosophy woven into the fabric of an organisation, championed by leadership and embraced by every individual.

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If Step 1 is what you perceive, the Canary Review provides a 360 perspective measured against industry best practice.

Step 2 - The Canary Review

Almost every site we’ve seen feels like they are running at 110%. The truth is that whilst everyone is giving 110% the site and its people are running well below their potential.

Our remote and holistic review leverages our decades of experience and mining specific knowledge to provide unparalleled insights into the opportunities that can be easily unlocked in your people, process, technology, leadership and culture.

Not only do you get the benefit of a full debrief of the opportunities and risk, but you also walk away with a realistic and achievable improvement plan to eliminate the chaos, improve production and enhance your future leadership opportunities, all without major CAPEX spend.

You’d think this would be prohibitively expensive but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Can your site and career afford to ignore this goldmine of information?

If working together is the right choice, put 100% of the cost of the Canary towards Step 3

Step 3 - The First Few Hours

We know you just want to get stuck in and get it done and the mining industry rewards action…

…but, skipping this step is where many leaders go wrong – with costly career and reputation consequences.

You can ensure project (and career) success by taking just two weeks to set the project up right and get buy in from key individuals.

These 2 weeks should be thought of “go slow to go fast”. They actually lead to better results, faster, because it builds a team of passionate champions and momentum before you’ve even started.

Don't become part of the statistic that 70%+ of all projects fail.

1. Quickly confirm findings

  • DILOs
  • Meetings observations
  • Intradepartmental observations
  • Interdepartmental observations
  • Confirmation if tech stack is fit-for-purpose
  • Org structure observations

2. upgrade Competencies through structured learning

  • Mining specific program focused on transferring knowledge and experience that is no longer passed down like it used to be.
  • We provide you with the LMS SCORM files to keep

3. Change Readiness assessment & planning

  • Understand the site’s willingness and readiness to change
  • Confirm change management resources
  • Agree change management and resourcing plan

4. Combined planning workshop

  • Project Objectives
  • High level targets
  • Project Charter and road map
  • Confirm Guiding Coalition

You're now primed for success

Step 4 - Seeing Results

The stage is set. The plan, cost and benefits are fully understood by everyone meaning that you have the Executive’s and Site Leadership’s full support, training is in full swing, transformation champions in place, minimal resistance to change and contextual operationally specific training has already commenced.
Momentum has been silently building, and this is where you realise the snowball is actually an avalanche.
Even an abundant site with state-of-the-art plant is dependent upon the quality of its workforce.
We know the levers to pull to get your workforce up and firing.
“That’s the way we’ve always done it” is a tough nut to crack, particularly with the seasoned campaigners.
No, it’s not a pipe dream. With the right approach you can and will create an engaged workforce, committed to improvement and actually wants to be held accountable.
The formation of silos is a natural occurrence but when you and your leadership team know why and how they form, you can break them down and stop them from reoccurring.
Critical and particularly challenging in a mining environment where the grapevine thrives and many messages get lost in translation.
No more drama or firefighting – everyone knows what they are doing and why.
Yes, boring is good.
Making decisions on gut feel isn’t sustainable and very unpleasant when you get it wrong. Accurate data and timely reporting are your best friends.
Constraints come in many forms. You can’t remove them all but identifying and knowing where they should sit helps maximise your throughput.
Sitting still in a competitive environment means going backwards. You can always do better so continuous improvement should be part of your DNA.
No hiding the fact that you’re a commercial enterprise driven by shareholders. The bottom line will improve as a natural consequence of the change you make/introduce.

Congratulations! You did it!

Step 5 - Maintaining the Momentum

Our projects aren’t designed to last forever or be body shops.

We work WITH your team so they can drive change and own the results.
Whilst we provide all of our LMS training materials to your L&D team, we know that questions and uncertainties naturally arise over time or as people level up into new roles.
This is a cost-effective way of ensuring the site continues on an upward trajectory long after we have left!

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