Canary Early Warning Review

Ready To Know Where You Stand?

be alerted before something becomes a problem

The Initial Productivity Review is not a full deep-dive analysis. It’s a first-pass look at the operation’s systems, business processes, leadership effectiveness and team culture.

It may be a first pass, but because we are leveraging a set of best practice indicators, questions and insights we have developed over many years, it’s surprisingly efficient at providing answers to questions like:

What’s more, the report will be able to outline how the people-process-technology triangle is working towards your objectives and where it is undermining them.

Our Review Process

1. Gather Information

Gather the assumptions, forecasts and the scope of data that was used to build the requirements.

    • Leader Interview – A 30-minute interview with the Business Leader to understand company objectives, gaps and scope.
    • Surveys – Leadership & Culture; how work is carried out; effectiveness of communications, meetings, planning, ability to execute, data, reports, action management, project management, etc.
    • Operating System Maturity Interviews – Interviews with a cross-section of the team as appropriate to scope; this likely includes the GM, HODs/managers, engineers, supervisors, etc.

2. Collate and Review

We analyse your data and establish where the gaps are.

3. Validate

Meet the group who have provided input and test our findings.

4. Report and 60 minute debrief

The report will highlight key areas of concern and their magnitude, as well as the opportunities we see and guidance on how to unlock them.

review form

In order for us to perform a health check we require some basic information from you, and then a member of the team will be in touch with you.

Need More Information?

If you need more information on the review, please get in touch.