In this no BS guide, we are going to present you with a few uncomfortable truths...

We'll cover:

Why many mines end up sh!t shows when they don't have to

Everyone wants to do their best work - what's stopping them?

The problem with boom cycles

Why shareholder KPIs are destroying your operations (and how to fix it)

70% of Business Improvement projects fail (and how to avoid it)

The levers you really need to pull (frantic cost cutting isn't one of them!)

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After reading this guide, you'll know...

What good actually looks like

From strategy to dollars in the bank, what it should look like and where it all goes wrong.

how to turn the Sh!t show around

A four-step approach to set your site up for success and ensure sustainable, high impact change.

How to find the red flags

The tools and telltales that indicate if your operations are exposed to the next downturn.

About The Authors

Mark Franklin

For over two decades, I’ve consulted specifically in the mining sector and seen it all – the good, bad and the unbelievable – with experience on mine sites operating in some of the most challenging conditions all over the world.
My business, First Principles Consulting, and, ultimately, this guide, were born out of my frustration with the mess that mining operations all too often find themselves in. There is a general awareness of the problem, but the depth of it isn’t fully appreciated or understood.

It can be fixed, and I’ve seen many consultants try to fix it, only to walk away a bit richer, while making absolutely no difference to the overall operation – or worse, setting the site back and creating future problems!

Unfortunately, most sites are stuck in the cycle of doing what they have to (rape and pillage or ‘cherry-picking’, if you prefer) to meet this quarter’s targets and market guidance. This means that they are behind in the next quarter and the cycle repeats; but, this doesn’t have to be your site. I’ve been part of transformational projects, where production improved by 37% without increasing OPEX, even after being impacted by Force Majeure (a tropical cyclone flooded the site).
The results of my approach and perspective speak for themselves as I continue to lead industry change and bring along anyone who will listen.

Clients are our biggest advocates; we have been asked to co-present at industry conferences as well as invited as guest speakers on their industry panels.

I have almost a decade of global experience in large corporations, delivering large public and private infrastructure projects.
Growing up, I was steeped in the FPC doctrine that there is always a smarter way. Where I could, I successfully applied parts of this approach in my career but eventually came to the conclusion that bottom-up change without the appropriate support from the upper echelons is unsustainable. This realisation led me full circle back to FPC, bringing fresh experience from the trenches to the team.
I know your employees’ frustrations first-hand. I changed employers and climbed the corporate ladder over the years, and yet I seemed to always find myself in ‘fire-fighting’ roles, parachuted into distressed projects. I had been given zero context and the mandate to “just get this over the line”. Sh!t shows exist in every industry!
It turns out that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Alex Franklin

FPC offers depth of experience in mining consulting, fresh perspectives and an industry-leading approach to sustainable client results.

It may be uncomfortable but it's the truth you need to hear.

A Mining Leaders Guide to Fixing The Sh!t Show

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