A community dedicated to Operational Excellence in Mining, Minerals & Metals (MMM)

Imagine a global space where miners, processors, and industry partners across the MMM spectrum come together, not as competitors but as collaborators.

A forum where challenges unique to the industry are tackled head-on through the lens of operational excellence. This is the vision behind the Operational Excellence in Mining, Minerals & Metals Community (OEMC), and we’re thrilled to unveil it to you officially. 

Why now?

Despite their diverse landscapes, commodities, and extraction methods, MMM companies face strikingly similar challenges. While internal solutions exist, the need for a unified knowledge and experience exchange platform presents a critical gap.  

The OEMC was born from a simple yet powerful belief: collaboration breeds better outcomes.

The OEMC Mission:

  • Connect and empower: Create a vibrant community where members can network, build relationships, and collectively address industry challenges through operational excellence principles.

  • Knowledge is power: Facilitate knowledge exchange, expertise sharing, and experience-driven best practices tailored to the specific needs of the MMM sector.

  • Future-proof the industry: Develop operator-driven guidance, resources, and leading practices that address prioritised challenges and ensure continuous improvement.

The OEMC Focus:

While initially focusing on Australasian challenges and practices (with global participation encouraged), the OEMC will encompass the entire MMM value chain, tackling issues relevant to base metals, gold, coal, and iron ore commodities. Our scope will expand as we mature to embrace global challenges and all commodities.

First Principles Consulting

As a founding member of the OEMC, Operational Excellence has always been a topic close to our hearts. We bring over two decades of mining sector experience and a relentless pursuit of continual improvement to the table. Here’s how FPC contributes to the OEMC mission:
  • Industry leading experience: Our Effective Organisation model and Strategy to Bank Framework, based on 20+ years of experience, ties together the tangible and intangible elements of an operation. It’s not just a road map to best practice but can be used to predict a site’s opportunities, gaps, risk and performance.
  • Openly sharing our experience: We have just launched our First Principles Academy. It’s based on the principle of proactively sharing our knowledge and experience to foster better relationships and outcomes. The OEMC is another avenue where we can actively collaborate to improve industry outcomes.
  • Closing skills gaps: Contextual and timely training, coaching and mentoring at all levels of operations is core to our client’s success. A more skilled workforce with a higher awareness of not just how, but what and why is more resilient and can scale their results faster.
  • Tangible, sustainable bottom-line results: Our projects are designed to pay for themselves in the short term and increase the ROI of all other investments.
More than a Management Consultant… Unlocking the hidden potential in sites, teams and leaders.


Is the other founding member of the OEMC, bringing 27-year of expertise and passion for innovation and collaboration.
Here’s how Mipac contributes to the OEMC mission:
  • Decades of experience: With over 730 projects completed across the globe, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge and proven solutions to the table. From advanced process control and industrial automation to data analytics and cybersecurity, we equip you with the tools to optimise your operations.
  • Committed collaboration: We believe that true progress comes from sharing knowledge and working together. We actively participate in the OEMC, contributing our expertise and insights to discussions and projects. We also facilitate connections between community members, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Passionate experts: Our team comprises dedicated engineers, project managers, and technology innovators who share a deep passion for the MMM industry. Many have worked on operational sites themselves and are driven by a desire to improve and help you achieve your operational excellence goals.
  • Future-focused vision: We actively engage with industry trends and emerging technologies, such as Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, looking for practical and trusted ways to implement new ideas. We’ll share these insights with the OEMC community, helping you prepare for the future of the MMM industry.

Together, let's shape a brighter future for the industry!

The OEMC is more than just a community; it’s a movement towards a more productive, sustainable, and safe MMM industry.

We invite you, whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a passionate newcomer, to be part of this exciting journey.

Together, we can unlock the immense potential of operational excellence and propel the MMM sector to new heights. 

Stay tuned for further updates on registration, upcoming events, and exciting collaborations. Let’s  build a better future for the MMM industry, one collaboration at a time!


The OEMC is a LinkedIn group dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices in improving operational efficiency across the mining value chain.

We welcome discussions, articles, white papers, educational videos, and other resources that contribute to valuable knowledge exchange and help members improve their operational excellence practices. We want to hear to from you. So when we post articles and polls we hope you’ll jump in and share your perspective – that’s the real benefit of collective intelligence.

Head over to LinkedIn and search for the group. To become a member you’ll need to have at least 50 connections and a complete LinkedIn profile with your work history and education. This helps us keep scammers and overly keen marketers from using the group as a sales platform

Generally, promotions are not allowed. However, you can discuss books, articles or whitepapers published by you or your organisation related to Operational Excellence in MMM after contacting the group management to discuss terms. If you are running a webinar on this topic we could also look to promote and disucss this – after approval from the group owners.

The OEMC Group is a great place to ask questions and learn from other members’ experiences. You can also find valuable resources through the group discussions and shared content.

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